To us st Hotel Borgholm sustainability is the core in our business and development.

This is a never ending journey.

We hsve chosen to be very operational and tangible in our way to work with sustainability. In this way you actually can concretize and implement wise words and thoughts to a profound change.

This applies in our choice of interior design, contractors and partners we work with, what products and offers we sell, how we make use of Öland without farming it, how we can assist Borgholm to expand all year around and more.

We even want to go so far that we in a few years will be free of plastic.

We also want to help present and future guests to Öland and Hotel Borgholm becoming a better guest. This by offering products teaching our guests to use our island in the best way possible but also by setting high standards on our guests before visiting us.

Some of our operational initiatives to increase sustainability are:


What we do –

– We always strive to use and make a use of local and/or regional resources.
– We place demands on our collobaraion partners and contractors to always work and act sustainably.
– We climate compensate for the offers and products which use the land on Öland.
– We respect ”Allemansrätten”/Right of Public Access and act in its guidance.

You as a guest can

– Use sustainable transports when travelling on Öland.
– Good knowledge ”Allemansrätten”/Right of Public Access and follow/respect its guidelines.


What we do

-All our furnishings come from local or regional contractors.
– We always strive for/aim for using local craftsmen if possible.
– Our furnishings give our guest increased/added inspiration and knowledge about Öland. In this way also an urge to explore our island and be a part of the experience.

As our guest you can

– Buy local craftsmanship from Öland.
– Ask questions about our furnishing and we will tell you about its origin.
– Dare to choose class/quality and locally produced when you shop something during your stay on Öland.


What we do

– We always purchase environmental labeled electricity.
– All lightning has low energy bulbs/CFLs

As our guest you can

– Turn the lights off when leaving your hotel room
– Keep the window closed when the radiator is switched on.


What we do

– Equipment to minimize water consumption.
– Low-flush toilets

As our guest you can

– Shower maximum 5 minutes per guest.
– Refill your water bottle with tapped water at us before your visit on Öland.


What we do

– We recycle as much as possible within our own business.
– We strive for being completely free from plastic.

As our guest you can

– Recycle in your hotel room.
– Recycle in our public spaces.
– Recycle instead of buying new.


What we do

– We purchase and always use local or regional raw products available following seasons.
– All of our raw products are traceable to origin.
– Every raw products not used is recycled into the business if possible.
– Vegetarian alternatives/options will always be available and should be prioritized.

As our guest you can

– Choose wicely when having breakfast.
– Choose dining which offer local and organic raw products when exploring Öland.


What we do

-We always encourage our guests and staff/personnel to travel sustainable and public transport if possible.
– We carbon offset/climate compensate for our guests unsustainable travelling.
– If possible we ourselves use public transport.

As our guest you can

– Always choose public transports at first hand.
– Please commute if you need to use you car while staying on Öland.