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The story of Hotell Borgholm is a unique love story with a dramaturgical curve of a rarely seen kind.
This is the story of how brave decisions, coincidences and timing have caused an Öland meeting place to change shape as the entertainment scene and the gastronomic map have changed. Take us back to 1972 and continue forward through the decades, and we meet again at the end of the book where we are in the present.
- Christofer Johansson

The book is available for purchase at the hotel or via the button below.

Welcome to Hotell Borgholm – a gastronomic oasis on Öland, where taste experiences and hospitality merge into a memorable stay. With us at Hotell Borgholm, each visit is unique depending on the season you visit us. Local and seasonal menus and always with inspiration from the Öland landscape. Experience Öland gastronomy at Hotell Borgholm

Our dining room, which is the heart of the hotel, is not only a place for meals, but a destination for those who appreciate gastronomic masterpieces. We pride ourselves on a menu that reflects the very best of Öland - from the north to the south. Each dish is a tribute to the local ingredients, carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality and freshness. In addition, flavors and aromas from the hotel's unique herb garden where we grow close to 100 different seasonings for our menus.

At Hotell Borgholm, we always put the flavors in focus. Our chefs are experts in combining traditional Öland recipes with modern influences, creating dishes that surprise and delight. Our passion for food also extends to our selection of drinks, with a careful selection and one of the country's most unique and extensive wine lists, there are wines from near and far, affordable to some of the wine world's most sought after wines. Simply something for everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hotell Borgholm - where food is our passion and your enjoyment is our highest priority. Come and experience why we are considered one of the best gastronomic experiences in our country.

A warm welcome to Hotell Borgholm - your dream destination for living on Öland. With us you will find the perfect accommodation located in the middle of beautiful Borgholm. The hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring all that Öland has to offer.

Our rooms are a blend of comfort and elegance, each with its own unique charm. Each room has modern amenities such as a shower and double bed, ensuring your stay is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Organic and luxury products in the room such as tailored bedding, skin care products and more. For those who want a little more space and luxury, our suites offer a top experience

Location is everything, and Hotell Borgholm is perfectly located for exploring both northern and southern Öland. From the picturesque village of Löttorp to the bustling town of Mörbylånga, there is always something new to discover. For nature lovers, our proximity to the beach and Öland's multifaceted landscape is a dream. And for golf enthusiasts, Ekerum Golf Club or Källa Golf Course are just a short drive away.

When you book accommodation with us, a warm and personal service is always included. We want to show each guest how much we appreciate them choosing to stay with us. Regardless of whether you are planning a romantic weekend for two or together with friends and family, we make sure that your accommodation on Öland will be just as good as you hope.

Book your accommodation at Hotel Borgholm today and experience the best side of Öland. Welcome to our home - where every guest is important and every stay is special.