With the highest peak at 57,4 metres above sea level, unique scenery and biodiversity, limited traffic and 350 wind mills,

75 nature reserves and 1 World Heritage Öland is the perfect destination for biking.

Regardless if you are an experienced or a beginner biker, at Hotel Borgholm we always assist you to have a nice and experiantial holiday by bike.


With Öland’s topography and adjusted bike trails most of the bike trails suit you excellently even if you aren’t an experienced biker. You’ll start your trail a bit north of Köpingsvik and have the typical Öland “kroppkakor” and then bike all the way to Borgholm Castleruin and stop for a Swedish ”fika”.

Having routes like World Heritage Round (54 km) or the Northern Flower Round (53 km) you and your friends absolutely will discover the most of Öland and experience cultural landmarks in world-class locations.

Are you and your friends preparing for Ironman in Kalmar? We’ll give you the route ”In the footsteps of Ironman”. 101 kilometers with a spectacular view of our island Öland.


From a bike you will in a sustainable way reach iconic locations like Öland’s northern point, Stora Alvaret and the light house Långe Jan. Add this with visiting local craftsmen and cosy coffee shops it will get you to spend several days on our island before you’ve seen and experinced everything!!

Further more, each seasson offers its own specialities which will make you to return over and over again to bike every year.

Silence, no crowded bike trails, “kroppkakor”, Öland Spirar, local crafts, wind mills and newly arrived cranes.

Everything on our island is open, night life is thriving, the temperature in the water is warm, musical arrangements and lukewarm summer nights.

Pumpkins, harvest fiest, not that crowded on the roads, still somehow warmth in the water, Autumn vegetables, icecream, “kroppkakor”, and local crafts.

Peace, solitude, mittens, winter bath, gourmet dinner at our hotel, time to spend together, an extra long breakfast and a guided tour to The World Heritage, Alvaret.


At ”Biking on Öland” you’ll find updated routes, maps and useful information about which biking paths are suitable for leisure biking. If you prefer to bike ”off road” we instead recommend ”Biking South East” to find routes and maps.


For you to feel more confident before your upcomming biking holiday here on Öland, we have gathered a few FAQ’s. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us.

If you want to rent a bike we will gladly assist you.

At our hotel we have 6 bikes for rental, they are simple types both for women and men. We rent out them for 150 SEK per day. If you wish for a mountain bike or an electrical bike we cooperate with Ölands Cykeluthyrning.

If you have booked the Biking on Öland package with us, then breakfast, a picnic basket and a three course dinner is included. Otherwise you can easily buy a packed lunch or a “Swedish fika” basket directly from our reception. Keep in mind that it is preferable to pre-book this the day before.

We also suggest for you to try some of the restaurants and cafes out there on Öland. Partly to support the local business Community, but especially for you to experience new impressions and try new flavours.

How about homemade national dish “kroppkakor” at Ninnis Kroppkaksbod or Evas Kroppkakor? Or fresh fish at Kårehamns Fisk & Havskök?

We recommend you and your friends travel as sustainable as possible during your visit on Öland. Therefore we always recommend first and foremost to choose public transport options.

At Kalmar County Transport’s travel planner you will find how, when and where the bus can take you to your chosen biking trails.


For you and your friend to have the best possible biking holiday we have gathered some different packages for you. These packages are suitable regardless if you are a beginner, a medium or a proffesional biker.