Hotell Borgholm should be available for everyone and we are always working towards increasing our accessability in different ways.
If you don’t find the information you are looking for below, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.


• Our entrance has an automatic door opener
• You will find a handicap toilet near the reception
• Our restaurant, breakfast area and herb garden are all on the ground floor and can be accessed with wheelchair
• There’s an elevator to reach our upper floors
• We have rooms with easy wheelchair accessability


Contact us with any quiestions or if you want more information.


Visitors with allergies: We strive to avoid any allergenic materials at our hotel but since there’s such a large variety of allergies we ask you to please contact us Before your arrival to answer questions about your specific allergy.

Smells & dust: We have no allergenic plants inside the hotel.

Lactose- milk protein and gluten intollerance: Our restaurant as well as our breakfast offers alternatives free from lactose, milk protein and gluten.

Nut allergies: Our restaurant can not guarantee that no traces of nuts are present.

Fur allergies: We are pet friendly, however we do not allow pets in any of our common areas Indoors or in our herb garden.


Contact us with any questions or if you want more information.


Visitors with visual impairment: Unfourtunately we have not adapted our hotel for guests with full visual impairment yet. However, our staff will assist you during your stay with neccessary escort.

Visitors with hard of hearing: Our hotel does not have any induction loops installed in the conference- or meeting rooms.


Contact us with any questions or if you want more information.