The path from an inn, via Karin and Owe Fransson, to the “Gastronimiska Alvaret”.

We, who today develope Hotel Borgholm is a team of passionate service minded people who love taking care of our guests. Hotel Borgholm rests on a very long tradition of gastronomy in world class. Already during the middle of the 19th century the inn was run in the older part of the hotel viewing Storgatan.

The inn became Borgholm’s Stadshotell and in 1972 it changed name to Hotel Borgholm. It was taken over by Owe Fransson and a partner. At this time Hotel Borgholm was one of Sweden’s top center for Entertainment, dance and festivity.

In the late 1970s, Karin Fransson visited Öland on vacation och that was the starting point to this development that has made Hotel Borgholm widely known for brilliant gastronomy with a quaint style and a cuisine of herbal flavours.

Today we still work with a great passion for food and the culinary legacy as an inspiration when we base our gastronomy on Öland’s rich range of products.

We range ourselves as a gastronomic hotel when the heart/core in our business is burst out the significance of Öland – with limestone, ashtree and leather.

As safe as the orchids bloom on Alvaret or our amazing Herbal Garden is filled with greenery, we invite you all to enjoy our craftsmanship. On our wine list there is width and depth, wellknown and unknown wines from all corners of the world.

In our newly renovated hotel rooms of high standards, you find details from both Swedish and International designers, often connected to Öland.

Welcome home to us,

//Our team at Hotel Borgholm